• Meet The Artist

    L. Rosario Gold

     L. Rosario, born Lynn D.Cavallo in New York City moved to Miami, Florida at the age of 12 where she picked up her love for painting.

    However, the demands of life forced her into a corporate environment. That brought financial stability but lacked passion.
    Years had passed that L. Rosario neglected her love for art and her need to want to create. It wasn't until recently she began the steps towards her new career path in the art world. 
    Here you all get to follow the experience of a new artist rising to the top before your eyes. 

    Sacred Simplicity

     L. Rosario prides herself in keeping a clean, simple, abstract approach while still using a variation of mediums for her artwork and art exhibitions. 

    Originality is her goal and so L. Rosario adds her own personal golden touch to each print, making each print different in their own way. These remarks make it possible for each person to have their very own original paint print.